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Suhit has been an entrepreneur all his working life is exploring the role of entrepreneurship in the social sector.

Suhit is a Senior Planning Officer & Project Manager with Families SA in the Government of South Australia and a Business Coach at Family by Family.

He was a Strategic Planning Officer with the Department for Families and Communities (DFC) in the Government of South Australia.

Suhit launched the Adelaide Green Drinks networking event (now defunct). Suhit worked as an “Environmental Project Officer” at DFC implementing the Greening of Government Operations (GoGo) framework.

Suhit Anantula is a Class of 2007 (March), MBA graduate at the International Graduate School of Business, UniSA . You can follow a part of the journey which he completed on his blog MBA in Australia which was selected in Blogger’s Blogs of Note.mail.png

Suhit was a contributing author on Micro-Finance to the book WorldChanging.

Suhit has co-founded BPO Digest, India’s first interactive vortal on the outsourcing industry which was launched by the Chief Minister of the state of Andhra Pradesh, India; YS Raja Shekara Reddy. It caters exclusively to the outsourcing community providing news, information, knowledge, blogs, forums and jobs. BPODigest.com is no longer functioning.

Suhit’s assignment before his MBA was as a Project Manager with Deeshaa Ventures involved working with the RISC core team members in helping formulate the business strategies and evangelizing the idea and creating a community (~350).

Suhit has been part of the core group behind the Tsunami Help website and Wiki which provided critical information in the Dec, 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami and was covered by major newspapers and magazines all around the world.

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Prior to joining Deeshaa he worked as a Senior Analyst at ADP India, a company that focuses on providing mission-critical software and Business Process Outsourcing services to Investment Banks. His work at ADP involved managing and migrating data sensitive projects from the US to India supporting the big Investment banks in the US and UK. He has led teams of up to 15 people and managed projects worth $500,000.

Suhit has a very strong interest in sustainability, economics, technology and development and maintains a weblog chronicling this interest at www.worldisgreen.com. The weblog was nominated for the “Best IndiBlog of the Year” for 2004.

Suhit was a citizen reporter for Oh! My News International where he writes on various topics.

He lives with his wife, Bindu,  and daughter, Anika in Adelaide, Australia.


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  1. Suhit

    Write about Greening in India. I hope it is very important to bring awaremess in ‘We Indians’ to do some important cleaning of country.


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