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What is worldisgreen.com?

Worldisgreen.com is about the concept of business and its role in the world. The concepts, tools and principles that have been developed over the years and its use in the social sector or  environmental sustainability or government.

Worldisgreen.com will concentrate on business strategy and the social sector and sometimes around sustainability.


The Previous Version?

In previous lives, Worldisgreen.com was my blog concentrating on rural India. After that I focussed on the role of business in environmental sustainability. Over time, I have evolved into working with the social sector and this blog now targets that area. However, the goals remain the same. How can business strategy and principles work in the social sector. I see this blog evolving with me over time.

What is the social sector?

Bottom of the Pyramid, Economic Development, Social Entrepreneurship, Government welfare, Not for Profits. Anything that is “not business”.

What is Sustainability?

The Brundtland Commission defined sustainable development as that which “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

The “meets the needs” part refers to maintaining and improving the living standards in the developed countries of the world and improving prosperity in the developing world. The part on “future generations” connects to environment, species protection, water, natural resources and climate change and the importance of preserving these for the ability of future generations to reach their goals.

A better definition is from the Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions (1998) in the UK.

“Sustainable development is about ensuring a better quality of life for everyone, now and for generations to come. To achieve this, sustainable development is concerned with achieving economic growth, in the form of higher living standards, while protecting and where possible enhancing the environment – not just for its own sake but because a damaged environment will sooner or later hold back economic growth and lower the quality of life – and making sure that these economic and environmental benefits are available to everyone, not just to a privileged few.”

Why Business?

Business can mean many different things to different people. However, Business at the core is about entrepreneurship and innovation.

Joseph Schumpeter, the Harvard Economist, defined an entrepreneur as the following:

By finding a new “production function” in an existing resource, a previously unknown means through which a resource could produce value, the entrepreneur was innovating.

The problems facing the world in economic development, environmental management, climate change, health and education are sources of one of the biggest opportunities for a business. Business is about problem-solving. Business is about innovation.

The current problems facing us were partly created by businesses using a different framework and being part of an economic system. I am optimistic that the institution of “a corporation” has the resources, capability, creativity and innovation and motivated people with the right incentives to make a difference.

Tom Peters in his introduction to his 2003 book, Re-imagine provides the following vision for business:

My overall vision, in brief: Business is cool. It’s about Creativity and Innovation and Growth and Service. It’s about Adam Smith’s “hidden hand”. And Nobel Laureate Frederich Hayek’s “spontaneous discovery process”. And economist Joseph Schumpeter’s “gales of creative destruction”. At its best it is about building things that make life less burdensome than it was in the medieval times. About getting us beyond—far, far, beyond—the quasi slavery of the Middle Ages, the indentured servitude of the first 150 years of the Industrial Revolution, and the cubicle slavery of the last three-quarters of a century.

Yes, Business is Cool.
(Or atleast it can be.)

World is Green is that future of a sustainable business and this blog is a small part of the larger journey.

Business and stakeholders

I do not believe that “business” can exclusively solve the problems facing the world. A “corporation” is part of the larger economic system.

In the words of Dr. Edward Deming, the quality guru.

What is a system?

“A system is a network of interdependent components that work together to try to accomplish the aim of the system. A system must have an aim. Without an aim, there is no system. The aim of the system must be clear to everyone in the system. The aim must include plans for the future. The aim is a value judgment.

And the 85/15 rule:

Use statistical techniques to identify the two sources of waste — system (85%) and local faults (15%); strive to constantly reduce this waste.

When you consider these two statements, in the bigger picture it is the system which needs to be changed and not any one single entity is directly responsible.

In this scenario;  citizens, non-governmental organizations, government and big business all play a role. By working together and acknowledging the need for collaboration and co-operation these problems can be solved.

Why Blog?

I have been blogging on and off for 4+ years now (from 2003). Worldisgreen.com’s first incarnation or avatar was connected to the goal of developing rural India while I was working with Deeshaa Ventures. I learned immensely about the issues facing rural India, connected to many people and did my job better due to my blogging.

Joining my MBA in Australia, I decided to blog less and study more (I still did some MBA blogging). So after almost 2 years of on and off blogging, coming to the end of my MBA, I have started to blog once again. The goals remain the same though – to learn more about sustainability, to connect to people in this area and to many others who are not, and to work towards applying this in my work and daily life.

However, this time my understanding has broadened and my future goals are more clearer. I have moved from poverty and rural India to Sustainability.

Who am I?

I am an MBA, with experience in investment banking, an e-venture, a bottom of the pyramid start-up, worked in the Environmental field and now the social sector. You can know more about me at the About the Author page.

What areas will I blog about?

Firstly, this is a learning journey hence, this blog may contain some basic stuff about the issues that we are dealing with. Second, I will write about the latest news and information in this area. Third, as this progresses the blog will go deeper into the solutions to the problems facing us.

The focus areas will be business strategy, economics, technology, people, government, and some indepth guides.

What can you do?

Please follow me. Comment whenever possible and share your knowledge. Lets create a conversation where hopefully I can instigate discussion and thinking and learn from you. At the end, we all may have a better understanding of the “nature of the beast”.


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