Second Road

From Second Road Consultancy:

The Western world, from Aristotle onwards, has sought truth and direction along two different paths:

  • a first road represented by the principles of logic – the engine room of analysis and analytic inquiry
  • a second road constituted by the principles of rhetoric – intent, invention, persuasive argument and socialisation.

Aristotle believed the first road is most suitable for answering questions of science and nature, the second for managing human nature and civic affairs.

Both roads are powerful. Both yield insights. Both are necessary.

Business today is not what it was a century, or even a decade ago. Interconnectedness, velocity, volatile change and the critical importance of people make it impossible to simply ‘make a plan and stick to it’. Logic and analysis alone are not enough to prepare an organization for a future in a shifting, global environment.

Leaders need the second road (the path of invention and design) to envision compelling yet flexible strategy, create common purpose and mobilise people into action. They need new skills derived from the arts of language and design.

Second Road is at the forefront of the ‘second road’ today.


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