TACSI Design Interns talk about how TACSI is a safe for innovation

From the blog

The cohesion of the multidisciplinary team was inspiring. Radical Redesign is a worldly place, team members have been sought for their speciality. Chris and Sarah’s design curriculum has been integrated within office practice-resulting in a team that runs like a fine tuned machine. We were encouraged and excited to see that design thinking was used to overcome the boundaries that may be found in a multidisciplinary environment and that design tools (storytelling, photo journey maps and ethnography) were used as foundations for the team to form innovative solutions. At the same time we were inspired by the openness of the team to shift and rethink roles and share new skills. This translated to an office where everyone can design, not just the trained designers.

TACSI is a safe haven for the staff to let loose their most radical imaginings and embraces failure as part of the process. This is something many organisations hold back on, putting time and money into keeping and updating old methods instead of risking something entirely different and new.  TACSI understands the value in quickly learning from what doesn’t work and undertaking many iterations of a radical proposal, testing each out, before landing upon the one that suits best. The team’s unabashed approach to trailing hunches alongside researched solutions leads to leads to long term rewards and greater innovation.


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