The Tablet Job to be Done

The iPad has been dominant in the Tablet world and I love my iPad. The Android manufacturers of Tablets are struggling with creating something that can stand as competition with the iPad. The most simple reason is that they cannot compete on 1) price and 2) apps. Because in the Job to be Done defined as “There’s an app for that”; Apple rules.

From Brian Soloman writing for Forbes:

For Apple, what’s special about the iPad is tied up in its apps. In the space of 30 seconds, they showcase eight different apps used for a variety of purposes. Most of the depicted apps were built by third-party developers and may not appeal to more than a fraction of iPad owners. Not everyone wants to practice calligraphy, play the piano, or learn about the human skeleton. But that’s fine – there are over 100,000 different apps.

The Kindle Fire from Amazon is doing something very different. Amazon has thought through the entire value chain, its capabilities, long term plans and defined its Kindle Fire in the Tablet space very differently. The Job to be Done in this case is “all the content”.

More from Forbes:

“Enjoying your content should be simple and easy. One touch gives you instant access to Amazon’s massive content library, including over 18 million movies, TV shows, songs, apps, magazines, and books.”

Did you catch the difference? Amazon portrays apps as “content” equivalent to other downloadable entertainment. And if you look closely, the video shows off a tablet interface in which “Apps” is just another tab side-by-side with “Newsstand”, “Books”, “Music”, “Video”, “Docs”, and “Web”. Compared to Apple’s approach, in which all other content is bought, viewed, and manipulated within apps themselves, this is a somewhat radical departure.

There you go. For Apple the JTBD is “There’s an app for that” and for Amazon its “all the content”. And I think for this reason both will thrive.





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