How many ports is ideal for the Kimberly in WA?

From Andrew Bolt:

 It’s as Pat Lowe, a co-founder of Environs Kimberley, declared: “We need some places on earth that are not industrialised and we were hoping that the Kimberley would be one of them.” 

Keep the vast Kimberley “not industrialised” – and not just its eight national parks? Lock up its diamonds, iron ore, copper, lead, bauxite, zinc, silver, nickel, uranium, coal, tin, mineral sands and petroleum? 

What a grandiose and anti-human conceit, yet the Greens repeat it in now opposing a $600 million port in the Kimberley. 

The port, near Derby, is proposed by former Labor national president and indigenous businessman Warren Mundine and Perth dealmaker John Poynton to service the huge offshore oil and gas industry. 

But, sure enough, West Australian Greens MP Robin Chapple is against it: “It flies in the face of what the Premier has said – that we wouldn’t have any further industrialisation of the Kimberley.” 

Excuse me, but someone who thinks the vast Kimberley can’t take another port is irrational. 

Let’s compare. Greece is 132,000 sq km, and has 103 ports. Italy is bigger, at 301,000 sq km, and has 134 ports. 

Germany is bigger still at 357,000 sq km, and has 98 ports. 

The Kimberley dwarfs them all, at 425,000 sq km, yet has just five ports. 

A sixth would ruin an almost empty stretch of country bigger than Germany? 

That is not a judgment made by reason. It is not a judgment informed by a love of man, but a contempt. 


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