Link. Pull. Response

This blog has morphed into the many things my career has become over the past decade. Rural India. Environment. Sustainability. Social Sector. Business. Entrepreneurship.

I do write this about because I have learned a lot about my current field of interest because of blogging. However, I do not have the same level of connection with readers as I had many years back. I have tried to think about the various reasons. My blogging style, my content, the change in the focus, etc.

The content is dependent on my experiences, my current frame of mind and ofcourse the time I devote to this. However, when I think about the best blogs that I read constantly there is a consistency in the way they blog. Be it the timing of their posts, the quantity, the style. There is an expectation that is being set that the reader can expect. And I think that is missing from what I have been doing for a long time.

This was actually triggered by the Three Step Dance post explaining the style of

The structure of a Kottke post is totally elemental:

  • Title
  • Link
  • Pull (blockquote, picture, video)
  • Response
  • Reader comments (optional)

And that’s it. It’s the five basic units that blogs were built on, distilled to their essence. And titles and comments are important, but Jason’s done without them both. They’re paratext. The real core is link, pull, response.

Daring Fireball which I follow a lot has a similar style but of course with Gruber’s directness and snarky humour. Asymco is very different but you know what to expect. Data, graphs and insight.

I need to step back a bit and start to think about the blog, why it exists, my strengths and how it can benefit a reader.


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