The Job to be Done theory

Horace Dediu write Asymco and is a first rate analyst of the mobile/post-pc industry mainly looking through it from the prism of Apple. He does fantastic research, uses data very well, makes some compelling graphs and is a student and teacher of innovation and disruption. One bonus of following this blog is the comments on the blog and his podcast with Dan Benjamin.

In the latest podcast he talks to Bob Moesta who Horace says is the pioneer of the Job to be Done theory which was introduced to Clay Christensen’s book; The Innovators Solution following his Innovators Dilemma.

Bob and Horace have a great discussion around the idea of how we need to understand customers better and what job they use products for. It is a lot of design thinking. At TACSI we do the same thing with our Radical Redesign process for social issues and coming out with solutions like Family by Family.

The second part of the discussion in the podcast is about where does kind of work fit in an organisation? Sales, marketing, design, engineering? Who does it?


3 thoughts on “The Job to be Done theory

  1. Probably there should be a sustainable index for consumers too.That will help organizations to understand customers and recommend better services.Nevertheless good post indeed.

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