Should your start up hire MBAs?

A good take on the value of MBAs (like me) to a start up by Sheel from FeeFighters. Check out the entire post.

Why qualities could an MBA possibly possess to make them valuable to your startup? MBA’s are…

1)Driven / Ambitious – This is not to say that others aren’t… but MBAs are generally a particularly driven bunch. Some people think the opposite, but I think it actually takes balls to quit your existing job, take a couple of years off, move to a new city (usually) and go into debt for a piece of paper.

2)Extroverted / Outgoing – Yes, there are lots of counter-examples… but on the whole, the MBA folks are going to be more outgoing than the techies… and like it or not, you need some extroverts in your company. There are a bunch of d-bags at bschool too, though.

3)Well Networked – On the bizdev/sales/fundraising/marketing side of things, knowing people helps, and aside from possessing #2 above, we generally have fantastic networks to tap into, and aren’t afraid of tapping into them. One advantage is that we have networks not just in the startup bubble that we live in, but also the “normal” world that we need to partner with and/or eventually take over/dominate.

4)More Polished – MBA’s are really sometimes just finishing school for nerds. They teach you how to speak, negotiate, and write emails. If you were terrible at those things before, you won’t be amazing after, but you probably will have improved.

5)Highly Analytical – We have a different approach than some other people. In bschool, you’re constantly analyzing cases to see how other companies have succeeded or failed and making a recommendation based on all that you’ve learned. Some say it doesn’t apply to startups, but I’d beg to differ. I’m constantly thinking of cases I studied in school when making decisions at FeeFighters.


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