The Rands Test

From Michael Loop, a really good test of a manager or leader.

Over the course of two years, the team and the company exploded to close to 200 employees. This is when I discovered that growing rapidly teaches you one thing well: how communication continually finds new and interesting ways to break down. The core issue being the folks who’ve been around longer who also tend to have more responsibility. As far as they’re concerned, the ways they organically communicated before will remain as efficient and simple each time the group doubles in size.

They don’t. A growing group needs to continually invest in new ways to figure out what it is collectively thinking so anyone anywhere can answer the question: “What the hell is going on?” This is the first question The Rands Test answers. As I’ll explain shortly, the second question The Rands Test helps you answer is selfish. The second asks: “Where am I?”

12 Points

Let’s start with bare bones versions of the questions and then I’ll explain each one.

  1. Do you have a 1:1?
  2. Do you have a team meeting?
  3. Do you have status reports?
  4. Can you say No to your boss?
  5. Can you explain the strategy of the company to a stranger?
  6. Can you explain the current state of business?
  7. Does the guy/gal in charge regularly stand up in front of everyone and tell you what he/she is thinking? Are you buying it?
  8. Do you know what you want to do next? Does your boss?
  9. Do you have time to be strategic?
  10. Are you actively killing the Grapevine?

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