Steve Jobs: Making a dent in the universe

If you made a movie of Steve Jobs’s life (not that one), nobody would believe it. Think of how many amazing creations have come from a Steve Jobs-managed company. The Apple II, the world’s first mass-produced personal computer. The Macintosh, the basis for almost every single personal computer interface on the planet today. Pixar, one of the most successful movie studios of all time. The iPod and iTunes, which transformed the music industry and changed how we listen to music. The iPhone, which upended the stagnant cellphone industry and created the concept of a modern smartphone. And the iPad, which defines a category and pays off the original Mac’s promise of being a “computer for the rest of us.”

This is legendary stuff. I’m still trying to process it, to give it some time and not just start chanting santo subito, but it’s hard not to look at that list and imagine that Steve Jobs will go down in the history of business and industry as a legendary figure like Thomas Edison or Henry Ford. That those of us who are lucky enough to grow old and rickety (in a way that, cruelly, Steven Paul Jobs was never allowed to) will say that we saw that man stand upon a stage with a giant Apple logo behind him and introduce a new iconic, world-changing product.

via Steve Jobs: Making a dent in the universe | Computers | Mac Word | Macworld.


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