There’s always a Plan B

The Business Coach role at Family by Family requires me to find what Steve Blank talks about as a startup: a temporary organization in search of a scalable and repeatable business model.

This should then translate into Execution on a large scale.

And here are his basic lessons:

Great entrepreneurs don’t just have a Plan B, they have Plans B through 

Lessons Learned

  • A startup is initially about the search for a repeatable and scalable business model
  • Most of the time your hypotheses about Plan A, B and C are wrong
  • Searching requires agility, tenacity, resilience, curiosity, opportunism and pattern recognition
  • Execution requires a different set of skills. At times it means bringing an operating executive
  • Operating executives excel at focussed execution
  • World-class technology CEO’s learned how to combine Searching andExecution (Gates, Jobs, Ellison, Bezos, Page, et al)

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