Innovation and small companies

Big companies are much more dogmatic about their approaches. A small company with less to lose has a better chance at building something new. It’s almost more likely that new solutions for problems come from smaller, newer companies.

— Joshua Schacter, creator of Delicious, speaking to the NYT’s Jenna Wortham about the post-Yahoo prospects for the company, now that it’s been acquired by Steve Chen and Chad Hurley’s Avos

Delicious was my favourite bookmark company which brought in the tags revolution and Joshua built it from a small company to selling it to Yahoo for $30 million. And what did Yahoo do? Nothing.

For the economy as a whole (profit and the social sector alike) an important aspect to create innovation is by providing the environment for more entrepreneurship to flourish and then to create the opportunities for innovation to happen at large organisations.

This year is going to be interesting as I will be working on both the versions through Families SA and TACSI.

I am currently reading the Leader’s guide to Radical Management which is showing a way to create innovative teams in large and knowledge based organisations. A big part of that idea is Agile or Scrum management methodology. I am attending the Certified ScrumMaster program through the Scrum Alliance in Sydney this week to understand its implementation better. I have a really strong feeling that Scrum/Agile type thinking will be the key for both of my roles.





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