Business Coach

I wrote a few days back about MBA and Social Change and discussed the idea of how we need all the four aspects of


to create successful change.

At What Matters website from McKinsey there is the same discussion with some vibrant comments.

Matthew Bishop writes:

Different skills are required at different stages along the way—from the single-minded determination of the entrepreneur with an idea to the visionary and organizational capacities of the CEO leading a large corporation. Those like Bill Gates who make it all the way from the garage to the corporate boardroom as the head of their firm are remarkably rare.

Contrast this with the social sector, where the praise and reward always seems to be focused on innovative new ideas rather than the boring challenge of taking these ideas to scale. Social entrepreneurs are rightly celebrated, but we should also celebrate the social bankers, social venture capitalists, social equity investors, and so on. This is why I’m excited by the influx of suited MBAs into the world of doing good. And why, more generally, I think that those who want social change need to embrace the language and methods of business.

This is exactly my new role as Business Coach for the Family by Family project in Adelaide. FbyF has been innovatively developed by The Australia Centre for Social Innovation or TACSI based here in Adelaide. They are one of the few people I know in Adelaide who understand the need for business tools and frameworks for social enterprises.

They have created a new model of supporting @risk families to go over the hurdles by being mentored by a Sharing family. My role is to make sure that in the next year we have an evaluation of the intermediate outcomes and long term impacts, test the viability of the business model, create systems for scaling and getting the project ready for a a greater impact across Australia and may be on day across the world.

I have been lucky enough to work in my current role at Families SA and work part-time at FbyF as a Business Coach. One of the first things that has changed for me is that I have started blogging again after a long hiatus and that is a good thing.

Check out this video on the 7PM project.

Family by Family on TV from TACSI on Vimeo.


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