Transforming India by Atanu Dey

Transforming India

Author: Atanu dey


Have you ever wondered –

Why is India so poor?

Is India a free country really or is it under "British Raj 2.0" post 1947?

How can it become a rich nation?

How will India meet the challenges it faces in energy, urbanization, transportation and infrastructure?

What will it take to fix India’s dysfunctional education system?

Where should the focus of rural development be – rural people or rural areas?

Why does the “license permit quota control raj” inevitably lead to rampant public corruption?

Should government run businesses at massive public losses?

What can you do to make a difference and bring about positive change?

If you have, then this book is for you.

It is about India’s possible transformation from a very poor, impoverished, “Third-world” nation to a rich, developed, dynamic country by 2040. For us to make that happen, we must intelligently ask and honestly answer questions such as those. This book is an attempt at addressing them and outlining a course of action. We must act but awareness and understanding have to precede action. We have to understand precisely what has impeded India’s progress to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. We have to rescue and transform India – we owe it to ourselves, our children, and our children’s children.

Atanu Dey received his PhD in economics from University of California at Berkeley. He is an alumnus of IIT Kanpur and Rutgers University (computer science), and of Nagpur University (mechanical engineering.) As a Reuters Fellow at Stanford University, he developed a model for catalyzing rural economic development called RISC. On his blog “On India’s Development” at, he writes on a wide range of topics such as education, technology, economics and politics. Atanu lives in the San Francisco Bay area and works as the chief economist at NetCore Solutions in Mumbai. Visit to join the discussions on this book.






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Transforming India





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