Taking baby into bed too risky, coroner warns | News.com.au

Mr Johns said placing an infant in a cot beside the parental bed seemed reasonable. “The emphasis should be on room sharing and not bed sharing,” he said.

Professor Byard noted co-sleeping was common in some societies and cultures that had not experienced problems with infant deaths.

But in Western society the situation was different because bedding tended to be softer than some traditional Asian societies and parents tended to be heavily built and often affected by alcohol or other drugs.

The critical thing is that most of the non-western society sleeps like that or have slept. I have grown up sleeping with parents and so has almost all the India children (we are talking about a billion plus here).

I think the bedding issue could be true and other thing is it is mostly with people with alcohol and drug abuse scenarios.

IN our case, Anika has moved to her own bed at about 9 months.


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