Things I did with the iPhone in one day

  1. Alarm in the morning
  2. Reading news in the morning (in the bathroom!)
  3. Listening to the local radio on the way to work
  4. Reading the book “Born to Run” through Amazon Kindle App
  5. Watching the TV Series :The Wire
  6. Scanning a document and sending it by email : using JotNotPro
  7. Checking emails
  8. Reading my RSS feeds through Byline
  9. Reading PDF file on GoodReader
  10. Using GetRunning to continue my Couch25K running program
  11. Using RunKeeper to track my running workouts with maps, pace, and other data
  12. Checking Facebook
  13. Anika using Drums, Pocket Pond and other games
  14. Listening to music while at work
  15. Ofcourse, making and receiving phone calls
  16. Taking photos and videos
  17. Publishing a video to youtube and my daughter’s blog

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