StartupCamp in Australia – Patrick Driessen

Fellow entrepreneur Bart Jellema and I have a lot in common (we were
even born in the same Dutch hospital…) and share a strong passion to
help other people succeed and help enhance the startup ecosystem.
Therefor we have teamed up and joined forces to organise StartupCamps
in Sydney and Melbourne (other cities might follow).

Sydney StartupCamp will start on Friday evening Oct. 8th and ends on
Sunday afternoon Oct. 10th. Please see:

Melbourne StartupCamp will start on Friday evening Nov. 12th and ends
on Sunday afternoon Nov. 14th. Please see:

Although most of you are already working your very hard on your
current business venture(s), we would like to recommend you sign up
for our StartupCamp because it will bring you a lot of new skills,
knowledge, experience, insights, valuable relationships, fun and…..
fresh inspiration!

Our StartupCamp is no ordinary startup event! It’s a high-performance
event where like-minded entrepreneurs gather for a weekend of company
creation: a concentrated, intensive hands-on event where you start
with brainstorming for a new idea on Friday evening and by Saturday
evening you can literally be in business ready to generate your first
lead or customer. On Sunday the grand final will include pitching your
new venture to a panel of professional investors and business leaders!

Just don’t think it’s just for developers. It’s marketing maestros,
design gurus, business development wizards, financial masters, legal
geniuses, and the specialists of startups – the jack of all trades
coming together as one unit, creating a harmony that can only be
envied by the corporate world!

StartupCamp is exciting, hands-on, interactive, entrepreneurial, full
of innovation, fun and fast moving: to accelerate your growth and…
your business success!

Don’t Miss Out: Register Early!
Seating is very limited at our StartupCamp events. Participation is
for 60 attendees maximum per event. Attendees must pre-register to
lock in a spot. Sorry, on-site registration is not available. When an
event is full, it’s full.

For more information, please the Startup Australia website:

Thanks & success,

Patrick & Bart
@PatrickDriessen & @BartJellema


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