Hacked emails and the hockey stick graph


A hacker got into the email server of a climate research institute which had discussions of various scientists who worked on the IPCC and climate change issues. The email seems to contain material which suggests that the scientists have worked together to prove things which the data is not showing.

We need to wait and see how much of this is true.

However, the revelations if true are quite damning. For more – Telegraph, Andrew Bolt, Climate Audit.

Reading through this I found this article which talks about the famous hockey stick graph in Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. The data shows something totally different.


3 thoughts on “Hacked emails and the hockey stick graph

  1. I’ve read some of this stuff and am not buying it. Here’s the problem: numbers are tricky and most good scientists think we are in a lot of trouble. Climate denial forces are jumping to take data out of context and say that, for example, two years of relative cooling means we are ok. Independent experts looked at that data blindly and found that it doesn’t make any sense, but that’s another story.

    We’ve all said stupid things in emails and if someone with an agenda came along and broke into them, they could probably make us look bad. I’d love to see the emails of these guys. Wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Big Oil is funding a lot of them. They’ve done it before and they learned that trick from Big Tobacco! Who are they kidding? We’d all love to find out that climate change is nothing to worry about, wouldn’t we? But if we act on those assumptions and find out that we were wrong, as I think we would, then how will we explain that to our children?

  2. Hari, The problem is the earth has been cooling for nearly 10 years – not 2. When the “scientists” in these emails refer to this cooling as a “travesty” you have to question their motives and their data. Too bad that data was thrown out and all we have now is “value-added” data to check it with. If a banker or lawyer did this they would be jailed for fraud we should hold our scientists to a higher standard.
    We should always approach new discoveries and ideas with skepticism. Especially when the new ideas are being funded to provide solutions to supposed climate change. I can find lots of problems that do not exist and perpetuate them to get grant money from the federal government but I don’t because I have a smidgen of integrity.

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