Tesla Roadster breaks world record at the Global Green Challenge in Australia

Simon Hackett rode the Tesla pure electric roadster across Darwin to Australia, more than 3000 kms. Here are his results.

Internode Tesla Roadster at a petrol station in Adelaide on the last event dayHow would you like your car to achieve the equivalent of 1.6 Litres per 100 km (US 150 MPG)?

Would you like to do that while paying between AUS$69 and AUS$126 for your energy costs (including a surcharge to buy 100% GreenPower), to take you 3147 kilometres from the top of Australia to the bottom?

(or to put it another way: between 2.2 and 4 cents per km over that entire distance using GreenPower)?

We’ve just demonstrated that its possible – if the car is a pure electric vehicle.


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