Cleantech Networks in Australia

Australia, Perth: Solar ambition
Image by kool_skatkat via Flickr

Cleantech is the biggest potential for Australia to take part of the low-carbon future and enable production in the country rather than consumption.

My friend, John O’brien is doing is bit to popularise clean tech.  He is the MD of Australian Cleantech and has been running a very successful networking event in Adelaide. Now he has taken it to the big boys in Sydney by recently launching the Sydney Cleantech Network where he reports that about 150 people attended.

John provides examples of the companies which gave a 2 minute presentation.

Five companies then did ‘two minute pitches’ explaining their products and services and detailing their upcoming funding requirements. The companies were:

– CMA Corporporation – A leading integrated Australian-based recycling group that provides products and services to customers across three continents.

– Acoustica – Commercialising the world’s best “Green” Noise Barrier – Quietwave® Captive Membrane Technology.

– T3Energy – Developer of both a solar space heating and super-insulated building technologies will reduce energy consumption in homes by up to 80% while offering a competitive and compelling alternative to conventional homes.

– Azure Energy – The Azure Energy ALI system produces seven forms of energy from Solar Energy, in all weather conditions

– Universal Power Storage – Universal Power Storage (UPS) has the only invention in the Massive Electrical Storage (MES) space that can potentially deliver the largest scale electrical storage system in the world: rectifying the largest market failure in the electricity market – base load storage.

Companies need money and expertise to develop in Australia and then conquer the world; if not Australia will lose valuable people and future jobs to other countries.


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