Clever Green in Adelaide

A cleantech conference in Feb 2010 in Adelaide.

“Hosting Clever Green will build on South Australia’s reputation as a leader in the green economy,” he said.

“The CleanTech sector and the green jobs it will provide will be a significant part of South Australia’s future. Clever Green will provide benefits for the state’s economy, while building momentum to reduce South Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring the ecologically sustainable use of our natural resources.”


One thought on “Clever Green in Adelaide

  1. We manufacture small electric instantaneous water heaters that have been proven in Adelaide to save more than 60% of energy in State Admin building. Can I join the clever green group, as our products have been adopted by SA Government and are to be installed in 150 schools, UNI SA and Tafe, as well as in a lot of office buildings, shops and appartment bocks. We are Adelaide based, manufacturing in Germany. I would appreciate your feedback, phone 0409 099 566

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