Craiglist Foundation’s Bootcamp

Craigslist Foundation’s 6th Annual Boot Camp – Eventbrite

Connect. Inspire. Act.

Imagine 1500 passionate people gathering together to change the world. That’s Boot Camp – a fun, intensive one day gathering where people learn how to bring their ideas for stronger communities into reality.

Boot Camp is for you if:

* You’d like to participate in all this new energy for community change and just don’t know where to start.
* You’d like to meet people who share your interests.
* You’re looking for new career options in this challenging economy.
* You work in the nonprofit sector and want to learn new skills and meet new people.
* You’re in business or government and you wonder how you can collaborate with others to strengthen your community.

At Boot Camp, you will learn how to take action in interactive workshops, meet people who can turn dreams into action, receive expert coaching, and get fired up by stories of successful community transformations.

Now only if something like this is possible in Adelaide!


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