The Truth About Green Business

“This practical guidebook provides the missing prescriptions, making the dream of a truly sustainable business seem like common sense. Thanks to Gil’s experienced insights, it is. The world needs this book.”
Bob Willard, Author, The Sustainability Advantage

The truth is: Green business practices are good both for business and for the world. They can increase profits, lower costs, and attract customers. In The Truth About Green Business, leading green business expert Gil Friend offers more than 50 crucial insights that decision-makers need to know to successfully “go green.”

This book doesn’t deliver abstract theory or hype; it delivers quick, bite-size, just-the-facts information and plain-English explanations that executives, decision-makers, and entrepreneurs can actually use, no matter what kind of businesses you’re running, or what your environmental and profit goals are. It grounds this advice on timeless principles that work in any business or organization, regardless of sector or scale.

The Truth About Green Business will show you how to

* plan your optimal green business strategies;
* move towards green operations that operate more efficiently, waste less, and reduce carbon footprints;
* procure green products and services, and market your own;
* design and innovate products with less environmental impact;
* find or construct green buildings;
* bring green principles to computers and IT — and put IT to work for green;
* engage employees, stakeholders, and managers in the green process;
* project the business value of green, and assess their results;
* and much more.

Unlike many business books, this one’s simple to read, simple to use, comprehensive, and doggedly practical.

Here’s some of what’s inside The Truth About Green Business:
# More than 50 bite-size, fast-paced insights and actionable techniques for every entrepreneur, executive, or manager
# Everything that matters, from strategy to operations, supply chains to marketing, IT to finance, and beyond, and that are
# Easy to read, up-to-date, and practical guidance that distills the entire field of green business into the roadmap you need to succeed!

Pre-order The Truth About Green Business today!

A plug for the book from Gil Friend. I am waiting for a response to see if there is a digital version of the book.

One thought on “The Truth About Green Business

  1. Have never been so disappointed that I can’t stop everything to read through this exceptional book. I’m up to Truth 9 and feel I have already far exceeded my money’s worth. This volume will be of enormous value to professionas, academics, and every business owner large and small.

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