Australia’s new concessions on energy

Reuters reports

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd would ask state leaders to sign off on further concessions for big electricity users including pulp and paper, steel, cement and silicon industries at a meeting on Thursday in Hobart, the Australian newspaper said in an unsourced report.

The centre-left government has already foreshadowed an exemption for aluminium, which consumes about 15 percent of electricity nationally.

Major industries had complained about the “double whammy” from a planned carbon emissions trading system, set to begin next year, and the new renewable energy target, which requires electricity retailers and large users to source 20 percent of their energy needs from renewable sources by 2020.


By removing the target for the major energy produces, the govt. is really cutting down strength of its renewble energy policy.

However, if the carbon trading should do what its suppossed to do then there is no need for a second target for energy?


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