ICT and Sustainability Strategy – Research from Telstra

It is evident that ICT can provide solutions which help in providing flexible work practices in turn having costs, energy and carbon savings.

Telstra, the large Australian telecommunication provider has created a whitepaper on ICT and Sustainability. Their PR agency contacted me by e-mail and provided the details.

This paper (which can be downloaded here by registering) co-authored with the World Wildlife Fund or WWF as it is generally called has inputs from CapGemini consulting on ROI.

Basically, this is a paper which highlights the use of video conferering, tele communiting and web contact center using Telstra solutions and its impact on savings in terms of cost and carbon. Even though it is a sell for Telstra’s solutions (and there is nothing wrong with that), I especially liked the Return on Investment tool provided in the Appendix.

This ROI tool is quite comprehensive and provides a detailed cost benefit analysis of the solutions. And in a time span of 5 years for large organizations there is a clear case of investing in these solutions.

For example, the Teleworking solution for a 1800 member organization starting with 200 teleworkers and increasing 5% every year in Sydney or Melbourne has a Net Present Value of $2 million in a span of 5 years. That is a good return.  This is based on a lot of assumptions in terms of costs etc however, one such assumption is a work from home of 3 days a week.

I think this is not feasible for many organizations and a more typical work week may be 3 days at the office and 2 days at home. I will be interested to check out the excel or webbased calculator to work with my own assumptions.

Interestingly, I am developing a new initiative to research and establish a teleworking solution within my organization starting in May. This will be quite handy.


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