Ceramic Fuel Cells – good match for India’s needs

Gottliebsen writes about a small Australian company trying to generate de-centralized clean power.

Ceramic Fuel Cells has developed a small $6,000 home generator that has an 85 per cent power/heat conversion rate. A normal large power station has a 40 per cent power conversion rate. Ceramic’s high conversion figures have fascinated a whole range of European and Japanese power utilities who can see that the units can slash greenhouse emissions and halve the amount of gas required to generate home/office electricity and heating. And as the energy is produced in the home or office there is no transmission waste, although surplus electricity can be sold back to the grid.

Rural India and parts of urban India need local electricity and cooling facilities and lack continuous electricity. AUD6000 is about Rs 200,000 which is not a large amount for a business or a small shop. Depending on the operating costs and fuel required, this could be a good replacement to the millions of diesel generators used across India. Same will be true for a number of developing countries.

I think there is a good market and a business plan can be developed.


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