Victorian fires – an opportunity to invest in green technology

Fires the deadly inevitability of climate change |

The Prime Minister weeps on television at the tragedy of Saturday’s events. He looks around uncomprehendingly, unable to find words, unable to find meaning.

But there are words. There is meaning. This is climate change. This is what the scientists told us would happen. All the climatic events of the past 10 years have been leading inexorably to this.

Yet this is just the beginning, the beginning of something that will truly, if unaddressed, overwhelm us.

As the events of Saturday showed, the consequences of climate change will make the financial crisis look like a garden party.

But there is a synchronicity here that must not be missed. The extraordinary economic measures for which the financial crisis is calling provide a perfect opportunity to fund the energy revolution for which the crisis of climate change is calling.

If the Government does not seize this opportunity, if it persists in its self-serving refusal to name the truths of climate change, then the terrifying world into which we were plunged, momentarily, on Saturday, will become the world that we will have to inhabit.

There is an opportunity here to think about the future of Australia and how the stimulus package can create jobs in Australia in the areas which can help solve climate change issues.

Depending on the technologies, if not directly, helping with the issues at home, it will be a good export market and will help other countries.


One thought on “Victorian fires – an opportunity to invest in green technology

  1. You’re so right, and it’s a little disappointing to see so little being spent in this area. We did get the insulation and increased solar rebate – seems like a bone they had to throw to the Greens to get their stimulus package through, rather than any kind of real initiative though.

    Me, I’m spending my stimulus package money (which should be a bit – 3 taxpayers, 2 kids in school, plus the family tax benefit!) on greening up our home. Solar hot water, solar power, rainwater tanks, fruit trees, etc. These are all things that reduce our ongoing cost of living as well, giving us a double benefit!

    I wrote a little about this stuff here:

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