A Brave New World

Wise words from Taran

All around, dust and ashes. From death there is rebirth. For something to be created, something has to be destroyed. It doesn’t have to be violent – in fact, it shouldn’t be violent – but sometimes the system becomes turbulent and even violent when the order of things falls too far from reality. It’s time to get back to reality. To be pragmatic. To be rational. To build. To create. To inhale the dust and ashes and breathe out the Phoenix. And that requires a foundation. A foundation of a strong work ethic, of living within one’s means, of mitigating risk and choosing the right risks to take. Part intelligence, part wisdom, mostly intuition.

The world has changed. And I can’t help but be a little happy about it. A little happy because this is the sort of environment where I am at my best, thriving on what others call chaos but what is really a new order to be understood, studied and acted upon. And it’s a new order that, should we decide to, we can affect.

A foundation. As solid or weak as we make it for ourselves and those around us.

via Foundation: A Brave New World | OpenDepth.


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