Ron Johnson on Apple Retail Stores

“Why has it worked?” Johnson asked, especially in the face of all the press and analysts’ criticism. “I think it’s all about Apple’s grounding in design, being applied to a different business from products–to a retail strategy.” He said he’s taken a lot from his experience with Graves and, “How you take one tea kettle, and change a company like Target.” He said it’s about how one store with the right concept can not only change a company like Apple, “but can also start to influence retailing all over.”


“So fundamentally, we think what’s made our stores successful is the design decision to put the customer at the center, but not the buying experience– the life experience– and to really make it all about, in a larger experience, that’s even better than what happens when you buy, ” Johnson said.


“But I think the one thing that sets apart our stores and Apple, is fundamentally two types of people in the world, in my view. There are believers and there are skeptics,” Johnson said. “Apple is filled with believers. And believers tend to think of what can be, and they just go do it, and they don’t spend time asking why not. They go and make it happen.”

via Ron Johnson Keynote Speech – April 2004.


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