The Visionary Shai Agassi

Better Place has come to Australia. After blogging about it yesterday I have been thinking a lot about the vision of Shai Agassi.

Imagine the audacity of his idea. Shai was tipped to take over as the CEO of SAP. That by itself would be a big deal at his age however, what he has set about doing now is unprecedented.

Traditionally you would expect that infrastructure like charging stations, and electric cars by car companies gain traction slowly and over a period of time it would settle down. Many different companies will participate in the process and some would fail. New technologies would be created, new models tried and after several business models have failed the entire industry settles on one or two models.

Shai is trying to turn things around. He has raised $200 million to start this project. He has devised a business model based on the highly successful mobile phone model where the cars will be provided at a subsidized low cost or even free and customers subscribe to use “miles” rather than minutes.

He is convincing entire countries to take up his idea. His home country of Israel was the first and then Denmark. And the third in my backyard of Australia. Australia has very few ventures of this kind and innovative capability happening. This can make a huge difference to the psyche of entrepreneurs here.

One person with a vision and belief in himself is going around changing the face of transportation. I respect Shai for his audacity of vision and his ability to take it forward.

You only need a few unreasonable people to create change and Shai is one of them.

How can I be part of this?


2 thoughts on “The Visionary Shai Agassi

  1. Shai Agassi has made the whole concept of Electric Vehicles acceptable appealing and practical to people who hitherto thought of EVs as an nonviable concept.

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