Introducing Greenedge Ethical

Land is the basis of wealth, change, prosperity and environmental impact. Land is also the basis of connection for humans as it provides a home.

Building a home is fundamental to human existence. More importantly, living in a good community is critical to a satisfied life.

We know that construction is not eco friendly and a home or a house is a highly resource intensive activity in terms of energy, water, waste, land degradation etc.

How do we get both of these things together in a sustainable way.

Greenedge Ethical believes that it has found a way to do this. Starting with their pilot eco-village called Somerville they have now working towards a replicable model of eco-village where the the community is self sufficient in energy, water and manages its waste a sustainable way.

Greenedge is a Perth, Australia based company which will be raising $12m in a IPO closing November 12th on the Australian Stock Exchange. It will use this to create a market for eco villages, targeting the right customers and helping them build their homes in a sustainable community.

They are in a way property developers who have a ecological model of development. More importantly for me they make this happen with a business model in hand.

I talked to Alex Hyndman from Greenedge and he mentioned an interesting model where they license their model and knowledge with any interested property developer and helping them build an eco community.

I think these guys have a great opportunity to be successful here. If they can figure out a way to create their eco-villages faster, sustainable and at a reasonable cost to normal development model then they have a winning combination.


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