Don Dodge writes about some of the enterprise softwares launched at TechCrunch50. TC50 helps companies to launch their products to the world and get some expert advice from industry visionaries.

On OpenTrace:

OpenTrace A new environmental infrastructure that aggregates product materials’ information from bottom up and dynamically calculates the environmental impact indicators. Existing indicators are well authenticated, but are complex and static when calculating the environmental impact or load. OpenTrace approaches this problem from a totally different perspective which is simple and free for use. Based on simple and flexible calculation method, it provides many environmental tools to meet users’ needs. You can scan the UPC label on any product and see the environmental impact. OpenTrace also analyzes the supply chain of a product to see the entire environmental impact or carbon footprint.

Problem/Solution – Developer tool for environmental indicators.

Business Model – Unknown

Possible Competitors – CO2Stats

Could be quite useful to rate products from various organzations. With more and more interest in this area there needs be a simpler method to gain information and compare. The website does not have anything yet.

Update: Webware has more details with screenshots. You can also scan the barcodes from a cellphone to get the information. This service can go places.


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