IBM Expands Consulting Services With ‘Green Sigma’

Green Sigma involves a five-step approach: establish performance indicators, determine which practices to measure, monitor, analyze results and identify new areas for improvement.

The company, which launched its CSR consulting service in July, has been testing Green Sigma through three pilot programs in the U.S., China and Ireland.

“We’re anticipating we’re going to reduce natural gas use in Dublin (Ireland) by 20 percent this year,” Cadmus said. “That’s pretty compelling.”

IBM Expands Consulting Services With ‘Green Sigma’ |

IBM seems to one company which is utilizing all its resources: IT management, software capabilities, PWC consulting types with its global brand to reach the growing green segment.

The best part is the high value solutions that IBM is proposing to one and all. Green Sigma itself is a great marketing line. The higher the value it can provide the bigger the profits.

Once again to reiterate the value addition ladder,

Raw Materials

Way to go IBM.


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