Personal update: Why the neglect?

I wanted to inform my readers behind the reason for the neglect of this blog. Even through I have been updating through Diigo links on some days, I have not written a good blog post for a while.

I have moved to a new position in the past two months in DFC and that has taken up a lot of my time. It is more strategic and not environmental but it has been fun.

I have launched Adelaide Green Drinks in July of this year and it has been a good experience. Good to see more action on the ground. Getting that going and marketing has taken a bit of work.

An opportunity has come up to contribute to a new book called “Opportunities beyond carbon” edited by John o’Brien. Some top Australian executives, thinkers, politicians and academics are participating in this. I will be contributing on the “base of the pyramid” idea and opportunities for Australian companies. That is due around the end of August.

The biggest development and time consumer is a new technolgy start-up that I have been working on for the past 11 weeks with a MBA classmate of mine. The idea is to launch at the end of this month or starting of September targetting Australia and later the countries in Oceania. I think it will be a great new product for this region. And, it does have some amazing green benefits. This has taken up most of my free time. All my energy is being allocated to this project. I will be writing more about the product and the company soon.

On top of all this there is some exciting personal developments too which I cannot share right now.

So, please bear with me and will be on. if anybody is interested to provide some guest contributions on a one off or regular basis, they are most welcome. Please contact me.


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