Marc Lehmann on Sustainable Business

Marc is the founder of An Australia Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) company providing a web finance solution and a CEBIT winner. Marc is passionate about sustainability and philanthropy. In fact, they started foundation with the aim to donate 2% of their profit, 2% of their product and 2% of their time to charitable or environmental goals. In fact this follows the famous Salesforce 1% model but with double the generosity.

Marc wrote a great post on what it means to be a sustainable business. It covers small things you can do in a office to larger goals of sustainability for a company. What is impressive is the extensive actions that is taking towards this.

As a founder of one of the first SAAS companies in Asia there is an emphasis towards these types of solutions however, Marc supports his statements with logical explanation and data.

Do check out the post here.


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