Worldisgreen Links 07/09/2008

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    • Team SOAK (Smart Operational Agricultural ToolKit) impressed the judges with its unique software designed to help farmers monitor their water usage.

      Team member David Burela, 24, said about six months was spent consulting with engineers and farmers and developing the software.

      It gives farmers a virtual image of their farms and the ability to work out how much moisture is in their fields and what their dam storage levels are.

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    • ACT Opposition spokeswoman Vicki Dunne says government must get the public on board as it develops policy from the findings.

      “I think that what I’d like to see from the report is perhaps something a little more consumable for the average person than the 500 odd page report that there is now,” she said.

      “I think there needs to be a lot more engagement of average voters, average citizens on the subject.”

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    • THE powerful Group of Eight developed nations have taken a cautious step towards a new global climate change deal, agreeing to a goal of at least halving world carbon emissions by 2050.

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