The Inaugral Adelaide Green Drinks

Adelaide Green Drinks is off to a great start. Even though I started sending out invites just last week we managed to get about 14 people. Out of the 14, there were 3 interesting cases which will determine the way we will grow in the future.

One person came with his friend, another found us through and the third one was invited by a friend who did not make it to the Green Drinks.

Overall, people were happy with the event and the venue. I stayed back with a couple of friend till 8:30 PM and then headed back home.

The next meeting is on schedule on the 12th (second Tuesday) of August.

I am contacting some other Green Drinks founders in other cities to learn about how they grew the network. I think we will have a bigger event next time.

Overall I am very happy to have got this started.


One thought on “The Inaugral Adelaide Green Drinks

  1. This is the first I’ve heard of Green Drinks in Adelaide but I am aware of a drinks that a firm called Sustainable Business Practices puts on in Melbourne, which is their base. I know that that has been hugely successful and can get up to 200 people. I think the name of the drinks will make a difference as people will perceive ‘green’ differently to ‘sustainable’, the latter being a bit of a buzz (althougth largely misunderstood) word.
    Good luck with it and congratulations for starting this.

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