RepuTex announces Australia’s best low carbon companies

In the eve of the draft climate change report from Ross Garnaut , Reputex, a ratings and research firm released the best low-carbon companies in the ASX 300.

Yesterday, in view of the BCA release of passing on costs due to carbon to consumers, I commented that

“This will surely happen but for businesses which will start implementing carbon reduction programs from now on will have a competitive advantage to hold or reduce their prices. This is an opportunity for forward thinking businesses. Did you start talking to a carbon consultant ?”

Reputex says:

Regardless of the shape and scope of a local scheme, at the end of the day it s a simple equation, companies with lower emissions will be better positioned. These companies will better insulated from any carbon tax, and better positioned to benefit from constraints oncompetitors. Other stocks will simply be playing catch up , he said.

Babcock and Brown Wind is leading in Australia especially since it is “able to generate electricity with 97% less emissions than its sector peers. When this is translated into life under an emissions trading scheme it will represent a considerable competitive advantage.”


Best in Class
Consumer Discretionary News Corp
Financials Westpac
Materials Sims Group
Telecom Telstra

It is worth checking out the Reputex list (Download – Reputex Australia Low Carbon Companies).


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