Worldisgreen Links 07/02/2008

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    • I don’t know why using G.P.S. isn’t part of the standard eco-advice, like replacing your light bulbs with compact fluorescents or keeping your tires properly inflated.
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    • Supervisory workers in Japanese Pruis assembly plants are overworked to the point of exhaustion, and sometimes, death, the report said. One-third of assembly line workers are poorly paid temp workers. Its parts supply chain is “riddled with sweatshop abuse,” including trafficking of tens of thousands of foreign guest workers, sometimes working 16-hour shifts. The report tweaks celebrities for endorsing the Prius without considering the human capital aspects behind the way they are produced.
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    • In the United States, bottled water outsells both milk and beer.
      And if projections about the bottled water industry prove correct,
      within four years it will surpass soft drinks, the only beverage
      category that stands in its way to the top.

      Considering that clean tap water in the West is widely available
      for next to nothing, the bottled water industry has tracked a
      remarkable journey over the last 30 years to the point where it is
      worth $US60 billion ($62 billion) a year, says author Elizabeth
      Royte, who has investigated its global ascent.

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      • I would have thought that more businesses would be ready. – post by suhit_a
    • Only 36 per cent of the senior executives surveyed were aware the federal government’s carbon trading scheme will kick into action in 2010, the Australian Institute of Management, Victoria and Tasmania, (AIM) survey found.

      Eighty per cent of respondents said they knew very little or were only somewhat aware of the scheme.

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    • South Australia’s solar feed-in scheme, which pays people double the going rate for excess solar power they feed back into the electricity grid, has come into effect.

      Premier Mike Rann said the scheme could provide for a bonus payment to households of up to $400 a year.

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    • “The whole idea of carbon pricing is that if it doesn’t hurt it won’t work,” he told Canberra ABC radio today.

      “Essentially, prices, for example for petrol as well as a whole bunch of other things, have to go up in order to encourage us to be more careful with how much we use and in order to encourage business to come up with new ways of getting it to us in ways that don’t pump out greenhouse gases.”


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