Timberland’s Green Initiatives

My friend, Richard Surace, pointed me to a marketing tip about being transparent. The example being of Timberland and its Green Index.

By checking out Timberland, what interested be was their integrated CSR strategy.

They call this the 4 pillar strategy revolving around energy, products, workplaces and service. A lot of companies comes out with initiatives but very few are transparent. This is where Timberland scores in my book.

This is best captured by their use of the nutritional label on their footwear.

But when a boot is made of recyclable and renewable materials, bound by water-based adhesives, manufactured with energy generated by wind and sun, transported by green freight and sold in 100% recyclable packaging distinguished by an industry first nutritional label …you’ll understand a bit about what we strive for as an enterprise.

Timberland uses Just Means to participate in a ongoing dialog with their stakeholders. Good stuff.


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