India’s draft climate change action plan targets efficiency

From the Indian Express

India has decided to stick to the safe path on dealing with climate change. In the much-awaited draft of its national action plan, there is no word on carbon cuts or caps on industry. Instead, it is “avoidance of emissions.” In the penultimate draft, there were caps specified for various sectors, including industry, which have been dropped — for now. The catchword for the action plan is “saving” or “efficiency” rather than capping.

The key points of the action plan:

Setting up eight missions for “multi-pronged, long-term and integrated strategies” for achieving goals on climate change in areas that include solar, enhanced energy conservation, sustainable habitats, agriculture, water and sustaining Himalayan ecosystems, Green India project.

The Green India project, which is already backed by a Rs 7,500-crore corpus, will aim at greening 6 million hectares over a period of 10 years.

The water mission will aim to increase water use efficiency by 20 per cent through pricing and regulatory mechanisms. The agriculture mission would devise strategies on new developing new varieties of crops that would withstand extreme weather and variable moisture.

As the TOI suggests, the discussion on caps/standards or efficiency measures was also based on sending the right political signals to the international community.


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