Green Airport in India

The recently launched International airport in my hometown of Hyderabad is a green airport.

The airport is Asia’s first airport to register under USGBC LEED NC certification for silver rating, and is going to be the world’s first certified green building (Edit: May be for a airport).

The airport consumes 25% less energy than what a similar facility without the environment-friendly features would consume. According to the data provided by Central Power Distribution Company of Andhra Pradesh, the airport’s average electricity consumption per month is 55,43,470 units.

The notable features of the new airport which makes it energy efficient are reduced overall conductance for the walls and roof, high performance glass with low shading coefficient and optimum visual light transmittance, overhangs and vertical fins to reduce solar gains, efficient chillers, efficient lighting using T5 lamps, amply day lit common spaces with photo sensor-controlled electric lighting, economiser and primary and secondary chilled water pumping for increased energy-efficiency.
“The energy consumption without the green features would have been around 23 million KWH per annum but with all the green building technology the actual consumption is estimated to be 17 million KWH,” said a spokesperson for the GMR group.
The cost of green building has also come down over the years. “The cost of first green building in India, the green business centre in Hyderabad, which came up in 2003 was 18% more than the conventional buildings, but the gap now is just 5%-8% more than a conventional building,” said S Raghupathy, Sr Director & Head, Green Building Centre (GBC).

Interesting numbers all along. In view of the climate change action plan, efficiency standards will be implemented by the market in view of the incentives from clean tech. The extra capital expenditure of green buildings are also coming down to international standards.


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