Standby Saturday

Standby saturday is a campaign in Australia to inform, educate and motivate people to action at home and work to switch off all their appliances at the plug point and save almost 10% of energy wasted in standby.

The campaign is scheduled for June 7th, 2008.

Standby Saturday highlights a simple but important step to reduce unnecessary energy wastage – switch off appliances and equipment all the time – every time when not in use, instead of leaving them on standby.

Figures from the International Energy Agency show that, based on 10% energy wastage for domestic residencies, electrical devices left on standby waste an estimated 4.8 Terawatt hours of energy per year and account for nearly 7.7 Megatonnes of carbon emissions each year. This doesn’t include commercial equipment and is equivalent to the total output of Australia’s biggest power station for over 10 days.


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