Beyond Carbon 2008

John O’Brien, who runs Australian Clean Tech is organising the Beyond Carbon 2008 conference on June 3, 2008 in Adelaide, South Australia. It is a 3 days event managed by CEDA. John previously launched the Australian Clean Tech index.

Update: If you are interested, check out the Live Blogging that I have done of the entire conference.

From the blurb that I have got with me:

The conference will explore the challenges and opportunities presented by the transition to a carbon constrained economy, from multiple perspectives and for multiple audiences.

The focus of Beyond Carbon 2008 will not be backward looking at the reasons for the current position, or focus too much on the threats and dangers, but rather will highlight how different groups within the community can work towards building the greatest benefits for themselve and society as a whole, through the transition process.

Beyond Carbon 2008 will be about a direction forward for business, government and the community in assessing the opportunities and risk associated with climate change.

Hon Mike Rann MP Premier and Minister of Sustainability & Climate Change for South Australia will officially open Beyond Carbon 2008.

The conference on the 4th and 5th of June will be managed by LGA SA focussing on the governance of climate change.

Some distinguished speakers are present for the morning and afternoon sessions including; Ray Garrand, Chief Executive of DTED, Professor Dexter Dunphy, Terry Kallis from Petratherm, Christina Jensen from Macquarie Climate Group, Dave Sag from Carbon Planet, Andrew Peterson from PWC and more.

I am attending the event, courtesy of John O’Brien and exploring the option of live blogging the event.


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