50+ Ways to Greenify Your Classroom and Campus

Alisa Miller writing at College at Home

With environmental awareness on the rise, so many resources are now available to help transition your school to a greener place. Below are over 50 ways to make your school a more earth-friendly campus. Recruit helpers and get creative to make the job fun.


The most important way to move your school towards positive changes for the environment is by educating. Once students and teachers alike become more informed and aware, the necessary changes will be easier to implement and will hold more promise for staying in place.

Become Aware

Look around you every day and notice what might be out of place. Becoming aware of potential changes on a small scale can result in huge changes for the environment.


Reducing the amount of material the students and teachers use on campus will help eliminate the need for recycling or disposal. Smart selection of products used at school keeps waste to a minimum.


Many items end up in the trash or recycle bin long before their life is gone. Get creative with ways to reuse materials at school.


The activity that comes to mind most quickly when thinking of going green is often recycling. Recycling bins are showing up more and more in public places and along city streets on trash day. Recycling is easy to do—it’s just a matter of remembering to do it.

Put Ideas into Action

Actions speak loudest. When others see what your school can accomplish, they become inspired to do the same themselves. Get out there and do something to make your school green.

You can find the actual details in the article. Go, check it out.


4 thoughts on “50+ Ways to Greenify Your Classroom and Campus

  1. Check out a book called “Earth in Mind” by David Orr, that talks about education and environment, if you haven’t already.

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