Rann suggests green cars as the future

Fuel-efficient vehicles the future: Rann

The future of South Australia’s car manufacturing industry lies in the development of new low-carbon, fuel-efficient vehicles, Premier Mike Rann says.The SA (Edit:South Australia) submission called for the federal government’s $500 million Green Car Innovation Fund to be used for researching and developing new low-carbon technology for wider application across the industry.

“Clearly, car buyers in markets across the world, including Australia, are now looking to purchase more fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly vehicles,” Mr Rann said.

Holden Commodore VE SS V

With Holden, the largest Australian car manufacturer and the subsidiary of GM, suggesting that they make a hybrid-electric of the popular Commodore model (nice looking car I should say) by 2010; Australian car companies and politicians are coming on to the new trend in the market. About time too, since Toyota just sold its 1 millionth Prius.

Update: A good article from Business Week on the greening of GM.


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