Green Hotels

Jim Butler from Hotel Lawyer gives a set of reasons and trends for Hotels to go green.

Rule #1: Get the best consultants and advisors early.

If you are going to get serious about GREENING your hotel future, the first thing you need to do is tap some of the best GREEN resources you can find, and do it from the outset.
For more discussion about GREEN resources, including many of The Hotel Developers Conference™ speakers and a rich library of reading, please see the rich assortment of articles in the Green Hotels topic at, particularly, “Green Hotel Lawyer: Why should you do GREEN hotel development, and HOW do you do it?”

Living buildings that produce more power than they consume – sustainable design

Kip Richardson, Director of Business Development for Ankrom Moisan Associated Architects, kicked off the day of educational sessions with a presentation entitled, “Beyond LEED: The Cutting Edge of Sustainable Design.” Richardson described some of the reasons why it is  important to take a sustainable approach to hotel design and construction.
Richardson provided a glimpse into the future of hotel design, saying that within five years, hotel buildings may produce more energy than they consume and consume more waste than they produce. These “living” buildings will capture and treat rainwater and have zero net impact on the environment.

Hotel Financing for Green Hotels
While “green” may be the current hot trend, it will not trump other value-determining business fundamentals such as location and brand identity, panelists said. Being a green hotel developer does not necessarily guarantee funding success.

“Before you can be a green hotel developer, you have to be a hotel developer who knows how to get a deal done,” Muldavin said.

The opportunity is growing.


2 thoughts on “Green Hotels

  1. Its a good article that shows how Kip Richardson, director of business development has very brilliantly brought to light the importance of hotel design and construction and how it effects our environment.Green Hotels is a concept that can help produce more energy.

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