Stanford’s Sustainability Initiatives

With major corporations working on their Sustainability strategies, the top universities are not behind. Harvard has a dedicated program working for the last 7+ years where they have created one of the best university managed environmetal programs.

Stanford has now entered this in a big way. With their original program starting in 2001, they have recently launched the “Jerry Yang and Akiko Yamazaki Environment and Energy Building on March 4”. The new building is called Y2E2 and it “is projected to use roughly half the energy and 90 percent less potable water for fixtures than a typical building of its size.” The buildings uses “an array of sustainable features that fall under five categories: load reduction, passive systems, active systems, energy recovery and on-site generation. These five approaches are expected to slash the building’s power consumption by more than half.”

Interestingly, this initiative is part of ‘The Stanford Challenge” which is a 5 year $4.3 billion fund raising campaign to work on this century’s most pressing global challenges. The idea is to create a mulit-disciplinary environment for the academics to work together to create solutions to this complex issue. They have already raised $3.4 billion towards this.


One thought on “Stanford’s Sustainability Initiatives

  1. the project looks awesome ….
    it explains the future of us in order to protect the environment

    myself intrested in research field want to know about it …..
    i want give presentation regarding this……………

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