Carbon credit and how you can make money from it

Rediff has an interview with Joseph Massey, Deputy Managing Director, MCX in India which recently started trading in Carbon credits.

India and China are likely to emerge as the biggest sellers and Europe is going to be the biggest buyers of carbon credits.

Last year global carbon credit trading was estimated at $5 billion, with India’s contribution at around $1 billion. India is one of the countries that have ‘credits’ for emitting less carbon. India and China have surplus credit to offer to countries that have a deficit.

India has generated some 30 million carbon credits and has roughly another 140 million to push into the world market. Waste disposal units, plantation companies, chemical plants and municipal corporations can sell the carbon credits and make money.

Carbon, like any other commodity, has begun to be traded on India’s Multi Commodity Exchange since last the fortnight. MCX has become first exchange in Asia to trade carbon credits.


8 thoughts on “Carbon credit and how you can make money from it

  1. Dear sir
    Purna Organics is promoting Integrated Organic Farming in India with a vision labeled as “Organic India 2020”. To realize this vision, we will work with multiple stake holders to cover 20 million acres (5% of cultivable area in India) of land under Organic farming by year 2020.
    At present we are working with few customers who have got over 150+ farmers totaling to 2250+ acres of land. These farmers have been practicing Organic Farming for past few years. While some of them are certified, others are not OR in the process of getting certified. These farmers have got plantation crops such as Banana, Coffee, Mango and others. Some of them are also having diary farming.

    Our focus is to encourage the farmers to engage in Certified Organic Farming which will help them to get higher profits and compete at Global level. Further, we want to enhance their profitability by way of getting the carbon Credits.

    We are looking out for the generation of carbon credit. We are willing to know that is there a opportunity for Indian to create the carbon credit through organic farming?. If yes, sir we kindly request you to help us by giving information how to engage in carbon trading market and what process have to be conduct to enroll in carbon trading market.

    Looking forward to hear from you at the earliest.

    Thanking you,


    • Dear Mr. Bijay,

      I am in the same boat. I am basically a farmer having my own 20 acres of land and so far cultivating traditional crops using chemical fertilisers and pasicides but decided to go for organic farming.
      From my area I can manage at least 200 acres or more for change over to organic farming.

      I am also looking out for genration of carbon credit through organic farming and engage in carbon trading market for the benifit of farming community.

      Kindly keep communication and inform me about any usefull information in this matter. Kindly inform your contact details.

      TEL:022 67997725

  2. I would like to know in detail,……….kindly provide more informations & how it works in case of personel ( i.e. individual ) ??

  3. dear sir/ madam
    iwana understand the concept that what type of lease or rights documents required for the carbon credits certification i.e.ownership lease or carboncredit selling rights

  4. i got call from company called mycarbontrade in london about investing in carbon credits its new fing to me and my stocks not doing well on market is it any good ?!?help!!

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